Inteligent Coolwex air-conditioning devices

Create an atmosphere that is

ideal for your spirit and body – at home, or at your workplace

with the Coolwex air-conditioning devices.

With the help of modern technology they strengthen your vitality and health, and are exceptionally economical and reliable as well.

With the Coolwex air-conditioning devices you’ll be surrounded by healthy and clean air, full of freshness, even if the outside temperature reaches the boiling point, or drops below freezing.

It is scientifically proven that natural conditions are the most suitable for humans. But precisely because of nature – its yearly cycles and weather effects that are often unbearable for living, sleeping and working, we find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma.

It makes us reach for technology and create for ourselves an ideal “microclimate” that most resembles that of nature, yet is better, since it is always at our disposal. We only have to press a button and we can create the best conditions for work and rest at any time.


The Coolwex air-conditioning devices

progress in all disciplines!

Guarantee is a sign of quality and the most advanced technology. Thanks to multiple new solutions in all fields:
  • well-being
  • health consciousness
  • comfort
  • economy
  • simple usage
  • aesthetics

An intelligent solution of supplying natural OXYGEN into a space, silver ions – an improved sterilization technology, where silver ions are build into components of air-conditioning devices, triple deodorant purifier – for eliminating odours, NASA’s technology for air-cleaning with PLASMATECHNOLOGY, an IONISER with a purification and refreshment function, a BIOLOGIC FILTER as a combination of the HEPA method and sterilisation, the highest ENERGY CLASS A PLUS, INVERTER TECHNOLOGY – and much, much more.